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PCB Design

FuLin is a professional pcb design and fabrication company that provides customers with professional pcb design and layout service. We allow all customers to produce, test quickly, and ship PCB Design advantages custom PCBA and PCB boards. To meet customers' requirements, we also offer online pcb design and manufacture services. Our in-house engineers will provide our customers with PCB board design online, from basic pcb designs to complex ones. 

The design involves products such as communication, network, medical treatment, finance, security and protection, industrial control, household appliances, and smart consumer products.

PCB Design Capacity:

Highest Level: 40

Maximum Design

Number Of PIN: 60000

Maximum Link Bit: 40000

Minimum Mechanical Aperture: 6mil

Minimum Laser Aperture: 4mil

Minimum Linewidth: 3mil

BGA Number: 40

Minimum Space of BGA: D0.4mm

Highest Signal Design Speed: 28Gbps

PCB Design Type:

Communication Product: Interchanger, Router, optical networks, VoIP, communication card

(LTE terminal, 3G/4G, backbone access network transmission equipment), etc.

Computer Product: Server, notebook computer, tablet PC, Ultrabook, etc.;

Transportation: Car-mounted multimedia, navigation equipment, road monitoring equipment, etc.

Embedding Of Industrial Control: ATCA, ETX, Utca, etc.

Digital Consumption: GPS, smart wearable, e-book, smartphone, etc.;

Medical Instruments: Testing and monitoring device, CT, ultrasonic equipment, etc.;



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